Shayne X Sabry

Designer, sensorially-rich rings in collaboration with New York-based jeweller Shayne Meyer


Richly illustrated unisex scarves for couples for couples with an emergent ready-to-wear brand


T-shirt and campaign design for Egypt's leading streetwear brand


Yousef Sabry

From his studio in Cairo, Yousef can see a world in flux. There are great structures rising up from the ground, with millions of voices yearning for recognition—Egypt is changing, but thousands of years of history leave their mark. Sabry’s fantastical, Neo-surrealist work harnesses that mythic power of dreams and fantasy. Educated at the leading London art schools, Central Saint Martins, UAL and Goldsmiths, UOL, his work—which has been exhibited in London and Cairo—transcends the cultural specificities of both time and space.

A visionary and inter-disciplinary artist, he does not shy away from ambitious multi-media collaborations, working with fashion designers, jewellers, publishers, design agencies and photographers alike to fill the world with his own particular and beautiful brand of illustrated magic.

(Words by Jack Apollo George)


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